Double Jumping only works with default controls

Hello, I’m new to Gdevelop and trying to make a platform game. I used the Platform character behavior and removed the default controls since I’m using space to change character animation/powers.

Well, just one of these animations is meant to double jump while the others can just jump once. I tried to make it work but it seems to me that the character can only double jump when press space, not UP (as I configured). The normal jump is working ok, and the space key can make it double jump (not normal jumping), but it isn’t supposed to just change characters’ animation.

It seems to me, that double jumping is still configured to obey the default controls, and I just cant change that. Anyway, my visual script is below:

Hi, it seems you are using the double jump example. As you can see here, your events are missing something:

The ‘Trigger once’ sub event is necessary to register the button press properly and to increase the JumpCount-variable by 1 no matter how long you press the key.