Drag Drop Rotate image on touch/click

I’m evaluating the use of GDev for a non-game app. I don’t know if it will do what I need. I have tested it a little but I can’t figure out a simple drag, drop, rotate issue. I’ve searched docs, forum, and looked at demos. Nothing quite suits this particular situation:

  1. I would like to allow users to drag an image from a text menu dropdown.
    –user selects text from menu (“myImage”)
    –image loads onto stage

  2. the image can then be manipulated using handles like this:

The other part of this app uses json to load various diagrams when a user selects a link. There are about 100 diagrams. They should be able to be printed out.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m wandering around lost in the wilderness right now.



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Thank you for your kindness in giving me a reply. I am afraid, I didn’t explain clearly.

When GDev runs in app/game mode, the user clicks text that refers to the image. The image appears on the scene. Then the user can drag the image and rotate the image on the scene.

User tap/clicks on “Apple” in menu. The Apple shows on the scene. The user can then drag the apple around or rotate the apple using touch/mouse click.

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