[Draggable Slider] Extension Breaks when using anchor behavior

At first, I thought I messed up something, so I created a blank project, added shape painter object to the scene, added draggable slider with default values and anchor behavior to it and when I preview the scene, slider appears for a split of a second and then disappears. Any ideas why this could happened?

The Shape Painter is unlikely to be compatible with the anchor behavior, because the shape painter isn’t the painted object.

Because you’re anchoring it (the painter), the drawn shape could be having to deal with the shape painter constantly being moved. Painted shapes cannot be anchored.

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Oh, okay. Thanks for the explanation. Any suggestion how can I accomplish the same effect?

EDIT: The only way I could think of is something like this. Black blocks have anchor behavior and are sprites. If there is better way of doing this I’m all ears.

Unfortunately I can’t say, I haven’t used the extension much beyond initially testing it for the author.

You might open up the extension itself in the extension list on your project, and see how it defines the drawing coordinates. Maybe you can do some adjustments there to just outright have it be based off SceneWindowWidth() (minus whatever amount you need from the right side of the screen)