Duck collision with sign

Hi. The game I am working on is a game where the duck collects items for a nest. I am trying to get the variable that will add the items the duck is holding, to the nest, by colliding with the sign. I’ve never really done something like this so the obj_duck collision with sign seems like it should work but it doesn’t. What am I doing wrong?

In the last event you are trying to add a numeric value but you’re calling a string “holding”

If your intent is to display the holding variable must be done like add Variable(holding) since holding is a Scene variable, in case the variable is global must be done like this GlobalVariable(holding)
Hope this help

Kinda, what I’m trying to do is add the “holding” to “at_nest”. Once it reaches 15 then the player wins the game. But this is definitely giving me some ideas to try, but that didn’t do what I was hoping. I do really appreciate the help though.

Create a scene variable nest = 15, and holding = 0, every time that player collides with a pickup add 1 thats ok, then check if player collides to the_nest object check if the varible holding = nest so this way if holding is 15 is equal to nest so do your stuff like win or level complete.

Thank you. What I did was a little different, but that helped me work through it mentally. Here is a copy of the expressions.

Win Win, Glad you solved, :muscle: