Duck Game player character no longer moving [RESOLVED]

Hello, I have made a very simple game by using the Duck Game template as a template.


I recently moved all my assets into an asset folder and made sure they are all linked to the correct file locations in Resources. However, after this my player character (which is a pink elephant) no longer respond to my key movement (for example, the elephant no longer moves to the left, right, or jump) and floats when it should be resting on the level’s ground.

I have tried re-adding the player character object, deleting and re-adding the animation sprites, re-adding all the movement-related Events, and still I cannot get the player character to move according to the controls.

Anyone has any experience in this issue, and how can I fix it?

EDIT: I have found the cause and fixed the issue. On Level 1 I removed the Spike as I believed it was unnecessary on the level. However, by doing so I have also unknowingly removed the Event for the Spike hazard, which caused all the other events to not work. Adding the Spike back in and the corresponding Event for it has fixed the issue!

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