Duplicate Scenes Act Differently, Please Help!

Well, i am trying to create an educational narrative level in a kids game. My experience with Yarn was not at all smooth, but finally i got a scene to work as per my desire, but i couldnt recreate it. Then i tried duplicating the working scene and making due changes to the event sheet and kept everything else the same. But, it still doesnt work. I have no idea what i’m doing wrong. Here are the event sheets of the two scenes:

Scene 1- Sheet 1

Scene 1- Sheet 2

Scene 2- Sheet 1

Scene 2- Sheet 2

Sheet 1 and 2 belong together, just could cover the entire snip in one go! Please help!!!

Hello, this is not the solution, but a tip for when you are going to create multiple scenes with the same code:

Watch this tutorial from gdevelop channel (moment 1:50 and beyond)

But i cant customize the external layout, it seems to be an total copy, is there any way to manipulate/override the event sheet for a few conditions and actions?

What exactly is or isn’t happening? That’s a lot of code. Please narrow down the issue. So, we can focus on one section.

If it’s the same code then maybe global variables are conflicting and need to be reset at the start of the scene. IDK.

On the original scene everything is as intended. The scene contains yarn dialog and a video with Gdevelop provided controls. When i create an external event sheet into another scene and try to modify the start dialog from branch to another yarn branch, that simply doesnt work!

Unfortunately, I don’t use external event sheets. I prefer using functions which aren’t scene dependant. So, I can’t help. But the more information you provide the more likely you’ll get a quick solution. Good luck. :crossed_fingers:

So you’ve got all the events in one scene, then you created an external event and copied those events inside, is that correct? If so, if you use this external event in an another scene, without changing anything, does it work?

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I did change some things like the Yarn branch the dialog should start from along with a few minor changes to the code. I took @Reborn 's advice and created a new scene from an external external event sheet followed by the required modification. But that too, wouldn’t work!

But what if you don’t change anything when you copy the code? Try create an external event with all the code, without changing anything, and see if it works.

We need to know if the problem appears when you copy the events, or when you change the events.

I solved the issue, but only in a hack way, by retaining all the names of objects and layers of the first scene. However, the last dialog node in the second scene and its options still has issues. I have not been able to work on the project for a few days, hence the delay in replying. Kindly excuse it.