Dynamic Hitboxes

So I am making a puzzle game where you navigate through a room and solve puzzles. I have all my sprites, but I can’t seem to get the hitboxes working! I select custom hitbox and create polygons, but they don’t affect the collsion for some reason. Is there any way I can fix this or another way to do it?

Make sure your polygons are correct.
If you see this: image fix it!
If there is no such warning, the problem may be in your events.

Why did you write ‘Dynamic’ in the title?:thinking:

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The polygons are convex, and I’m not getting that warning.
Dynamic means changing, and the hitboxes change, so I thought it fit in the title.

Actually Gruk in my top down project i do have a lot of polygon is not convex for complex rocks etc and i don’t have proplem with collisions i’m just saying.

How you check the collisions?
Explain a bit your conditions

I have a seperate two objects event that moves the player away from the wall. But since my hitbox is messed up it doesn’t check it or something.

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Always a screenshot is a good idea

Heres some screenshots:

Ok my personal advise
Create a new layer name it something that make sense
Then create a 64x64 sprite name it wall for example create a green sprite with 100 opacity don’t change the collision mask
Use that for bloking the player
In the begining do 0 opacity

So the green sprite blocks the player. But wouldn’t I have to create many more to cover all walls?

Look i don’t think is more intensive than have multiple collision parts in sprite itself.
As about the cpu cost
You can stretch it to cover the regions you want and yes you have to add multiple walls but is more manageable like that if you think about it

Ah, that makes more sense. Thank you!

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This is a reason that we have the layers among other uses they serve

Trust me you need to stay very organized as your code grows have that in mind