Dynamic loading scene

How to load scene dynamically in GD

Check this topic:

I’m talking about loading objects dynamically, not pausing scenes. Imagine when there are enough objects in a scene, I want to not load them at the same time

Object graphics are only loaded if they are within a certain range of the camera. Outside of that range they have image culling.

If you want logic culling you’ll have to do some extra work, but that extra work may counteract any benefits you’d get by turning off the logic.

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This feature seems so obscure that I don’t think it does

The reason is that is too laggy when the content of the picture is increased, and the deletion of an object will create some effect. Can you answer the reason?

This is a translation sentence, may not be smooth, if necessary, I can send the example to you

No example necessary.

I’ve have done numerous tests (as have the actual engine contributors) to confirm that object art/animations do not load outside of a certain range of the camera. I don’t know what that range is, but it’s likely 50+ pixels.

That said, if every single object you have includes advanced behaviors (platform character, pathfinding, top down character, etc), those will likely take up performance even if their graphics are disabled.

Maybe you could try creating/deleting objects on the fly, triggered by a timer?