Dynamic Tween Scale (Apply scale to a scaled tween)


I’m testing the tweens out, so I made something quick and simple to demonstrate an issue I bumped into

I have an object with an infinitely looping tween that simply scales the Y scale and back. If I press Q, I scale the object up a bit

What I want to have happen is for the object to grow larger, but the tween dynamically updates and keeps doing the animation properly. However, when I try, it does this:

The Y position is scaling back to the ORIGINAL Y position, I want it to update with the sprite’s current scale

Here’s the code:

I’ve even tried “scale ball y-scale to ‘ball.Scale::Value()+2,’” but it just doubles the scale of the ball on top of the 2, which I don’t want

Can someone please help? Thanks in advance

I’m not sure of your goal but what if you saved the scale value to a variable before the growth scale? You can then scale back to the value in the variable. I’m guessing you’d have to scale from the variable as well but IDK what type of formula to use. I guess you’d multiply it by the amount of desired growth like times 2 to double it’s growth.

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I decided to try using variables like you suggested, and it works perfectly now! Thanks for the help!

Here’s the code for anybody it might help


I’m glad it worked bc my original concept didn’t. I was thinking of tweening to the variable number. I tested it and it didn’t work. So, I switched to something like yours. I set it to 1 and increased it after the tween but I still used it with the tween. Yours is smoother. Cheers.