Edit/Create button for Dialog text editor unresponsive

Hi everyone!

I’m new to Gdevelop, it seems to be a very interesting tool for me!
I’m working on a game with a lot of text, so the Dialog Text extension is something I’d really like to use. However… I tried to follow the steps in the wiki but I’m stuck at the very beginning. When adding the “Load dialogue data from json file” action, the Create button is completely unresponsive - I click on it and nothing happens. Same thing when trying to modify the demo game (with the squirrel): the ‘Edit’ button is unresponsive.
I know this feature is currently in development but is it normal that it doesn’t work at all? Or is there something I’m not doing right?


When you click on that button, another button should appear saying something like “Edit with Yarn”.
Can you give some details about your computer setup?
Start with reinstalling GDevelop and rebooting the computer :confused:

…Ok, shame on me, I thought this other button was just a tip, not a button :crazy_face:

Thank you so much for your quick response Gruk!

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