edit the sprite object - "create" and "open" commands for fr

The sprite object window can be much better in terms of speed and useability when starting a new project if you add two commands to it:

  • Open in external editor (set it in preferences) - it opens an image in your favourite external editor
  • Create new image - Creates a new empty image with your preffered size (32x32,64x64…) and opens it in your favourite external editor

If you add these two commands, you will save your users the hassle to navigate to the resources folder.
Also the open dialog still does NOT remember the last opened location and by default asks you to look in /opt/gdevelop/
This is terrible design. It really slows work down by requiring the user to redo the navigation to their prefered game folder location every time they want to add a new graphic.

Also drag and drop of images is still not supported. :frowning:

You can not even shift select multiple animation frames

The Edit sprite window is by far gdevelop’s least use-able window.

+1, these features are basics must have little enhancements.

Drag and drop in objects lists might be appreciated too :slight_smile: