<Edit>Why is everything shown above where its collision mask is?

I need to make a shadow object to act as the collision mask for a raised surface, and presumably, even an object with ysort will block a player from entering the collision mask if the two objects are kept separate. However, my player can enter halfway into the object and is only stopped at the middle, if behind, as if the collision mask takes up the lower half of the object, not the full object, which it takes up the whole object; I checked. What is going wrong and how might I fix it?

Can you post a picture of your code and of the hitboxes of both objects ?

You also need to separate both objects not just the one used as hitbox, I recommend a group for this

I figured out what is going on, actually. Thanks for offering this, though. What is going on is that everything is shown c. 8 px above where its collision mask is placed. Which is weird and still an unsolved problem.

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I don’t have to separate both, because the object(a bed)'s hitbox just shows where the player cannot walk, while the bed’s image is purely cosmetic, right now, and is supposed to be hovering in a 2.5d sort of way over the bedBase. Since the bed object is just the top of the bed, it doesn’t need to be separated because if it were, the player wouldn’t be able to reach the edge of the bed.

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Okay, I don’t know what the problem was, but it was project-specific. I opened a new project and it worked fine.