Editing Behaviors in Properties window?

Hi, I’m new to GDevelop coming from Construct 3 and I have a quick question.

Is there a way to add or modify Behaviors on an Object by using the Properties window. Coming from Construct, I liked having the Behavior variables exposed that I could change in a single click. It helps to prototype stuff quickly. In GDevelop, the Behavior variables seem to be 3 clicks away. It’s a huge QOL.

I looked around a bit and looking at old versions of GDevelop, it seems that Behavior used to be in the Properties window. It seems it was changed at some point with the new UI. I wonder if there’s a way to add them back or if there’s an open issue I could bump up. I couldn’t find any.


Presently you cannot change the position. You can make a feature request in the feature request category. https://forum.gdevelop.io/c/gdevelop-general/feature-requests
i would also love to see this in gdevelop

Agreed, I think that would be a good addition.

On the other hand, we don’t want gdevelop looking like construct 2, so I would be great if they was an option to select the position

I opened a Feature Request discussion.