Editing typing rightside

  1. What are the different things that could be used to create a way – for you to enter text / edit / delete? Is there any other ways to enter text / edit / delete besides this


  1. Are there any ways to add hotkeys that, when pressed, take you to the “space where you type” ?
    So that you can start typing?

  2. And/or is there a way to automatically have it so the mouse cursor is always defaulted in the “space where you type”?

First thing am making. It’s a text editor + typing game. This may not be the simplest thing to make but we’ll see

  1. Imagine single words that appear on the left side. They dont move
  2. On right side, you type those words
  3. After words are typed correctly, next word on right side appears

Maybe this is too complex of a project, but doing just the right side first (just the ability of being able to edit/delete/type words)

  1. So basically would want a space where you can type
  2. Want to add a hotkey that allows you to start typing – without you having to click anywhere
  3. And want the background to be a certain color, like black or white

Looked around the internet and learned a tiny bit. Have no idea how to start making this

Is there anyone here that has experience on something similar? Or have done anything related to entering text / deleting / and using hotkeys to be able to enter text?

What would be first step?

To make things simple:

  • no mouse control
  • no graphics/audio/etc
  • no nothing just the very basic as said above

Could whoever is active on here please link anything that would specifically help to make this, and tell/teach me how to make this

For/on desktop/windows ofc


You could try starting here

I am thinking once you have the text input sorted you make a condition that compares the text of the two objects (compare the text) and if they match then you delete the first object.

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Take a look at this example project: GDevelop 5

The hotkey to enable the input is the Tabulation key (above caps lock).
You can set up a custom cursor and place it wherever you want, but you can’t change the real position of the Windows cursor, IIRC.