Education game, but like Mario

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I’m a geography teacher who is also doing a second study for multimedia and design teaching. We now need to make a game with gdevelop, but I’m stuck at the beginning of the process.

What I would like to do is make a game about climate zones. There are 5, which I thought there could be 5 levels. My idea is to have some sort of Mario game to get the right terms (instead of coins) that are part of that level/climate zone. They need to avoid other terms that are not part of that climate zone. The goal is to have as many of the correct terms that fit the climate zone and that they have as high of a score as possible. Wrong answers mean also penalty points.

Do you have tips on how to start on this? And which template I can use best for this?

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You could start reading this Platformer - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop

My question is a bit more specific. Mostly about what template.

You want to make a basic platformer use that example

Yes, that’s what I thought too. But is it possible to have multiple levels here (5 different climate zones) and is it possible to have instead of only points for coints, also to have penalty points for coins? The coins will be keyterms.

Yes, the simplest way to make more levels is to create a scene for each level. You should create the player character as a global object so you can use it in every scene. I do not quite understand the second question, but if you are saying if each keyterm could give different amount of points yes is possible to do.

Ah that’s indeed a good one about the scenes!

So if you change all the coins to different keyterms (correct ones for that specific climate and incorrect ones), I can give them + 100 points and - 50 pentalty points? Without the student playing it seeing one is correct and the other incorrect (before getting the keyterm).

Coins are just objects like the player, when the player collides with the coin you can do whatever you want. Show the points on screen or not, give 1000 or a million etc.

Perfect. I just pitched it and for educational benefit it needs a bit more. So I was thinking about adding two bonus levels. Are there any formats in GDevelop I can add to this game for multiple choice questions? So after level 2 for example there will be a bonus level with 3 multiple choice questions about what they just learned. I can’t find a template for something like that.