Educational/ Study/ Course-like App

Hi there, still on my educational study app, I have made some little progress (special thanks to YOU).

I am looking to add a few fun elements so its not boring.

  1. Rather than reading a bunch of texts scrolling vertically (up to down of the scene), how do I create texts cards, stacked on top of each other.

Do i create them and bring them in as objects and place them on each other manually?

When stacked, you only get to see the next text card or return to an already read text card by swiping in a direction or possibly using an arrow key sprite.

All read text cards exit the screen. Please see screenshots of something I am trying to achieve from an app i use.

  1. I also would like a scene to show the course and chapters. The scene scrolls vertically (i know how to do this), and the scene topics would scroll horizontally in parts using touchscreen.

So all the chapters can be viewed vertically, but all the contents on a chapter that is topics cannot be seen in full unless you scroll that chapter’s layer horizontally

Please see below.

Thank you always.

You have several options. You can pop them in and out (create/delete), stack them, show/hide them, place them side-by-side and move the camera, etc.
Not sure if there’s one better for you, I guess it depends if you want users to interact with the cards, if you want instant transition, or a visual move…

@Gruk Wow…didn’t think of any these options! How about question 2: to make “a part” or certain parts independent parts of a scene scroll horizontally on touchscreen. Is there a possibility?

Maybe make a hitbox for that section, use the swipe extension, and move a group of objects according to the swipes.
It’s a guess, I’ve never tried that. :person_shrugging:

Thanks. I think that will work. Let me get to work to figure it out. You rock!