Effect on click?

So i am building a clicker game and i want to add an effect which shows a sprite when another sprite is clicked, and i want it to be right at the cursor postion and only when a certain sprite is clicked.
Basically when “SP” is clicked the “+1 cookie” sprite fades in and slowly fades away.( and “+1 cookie” appears right at the cursors postion") I think this is too complicated but its worth a shot… Thanks!!

Use the tween behaviour on the “+! Cookie” sprite. You’ll have to use the opacity tween and could add a y position tween to make it fade and rise simultaneously. When you create the tween, select the option to destroy the object when tween finishes.

Can you share a photo on how the event would look? It would really help me!! Thanks ^^


Thank you so so much!!! You’re the best :))!!