Elgato Stream Deck intergraion?

Salutations, I’m thinking of putting together a 2D VTuber using PNGs/GIFs as most of the VTuber software doesn’t have the level of control I desire.

Loosely inspired by @omega_slender 's work:

Is there any way Gdevelop could interact/receive inputs from an Elgato Stream Deck? (Not to be confused with a Valve Steam Deck) or if an Elgato Plugin exists specifically for Gdevelop?
I know I can set up the Stream Deck to act as a sudo keyboard to receive inputs this way though it’s preferable to have a dedicated plugin for better control over it.

Hello :wave:
I had a quick look at theelgato SDKs and while it looks very much possible, it also would be a ton of work for such a niche use case. I think that, honestly, you’ll likely want to use key presses. If you really need a more integrated solution, consider commissioning an extension dev that knows JavaScript to work on that for you.

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Thanks for getting back to me, I figured as much but I thought there’s no harm asking. I think I’ll stick to just using the Elgato with keyboard commands for the VTuber for now and I’ll consider commissioning a dev to code Gdevelop integration for Elgato✌️