Ending game with text message

My character in the games reaches the other side of a bridge and there is a character standing there. That would signal end of the game. How would I go about triggering that when my character touches the other.

I have the condition as "player is in collision with “John(Example)”. - action is show text message? it doesn’t work for me.

Thank you!

Does your game have scrolling in it? If it does, chances are the text is scrolled off the screen. I’m assuming you have a UI layer that doesn’t scroll. If so, place your text object on that layer.

please share screenshot of your events so we can help you better.

Thanks! I used a layer and put the text object in there and triggered it on and off when the character touched a certain object. However, was having issues with the points where they get touched to trigger. It kinda worked for now.

Also, my character does not sit flat on the platform. Legs are few pixel down the top but I have my hitbox looking fine too.11%20PM

Unless you are repositioning the character, it all points to it being the hitbox that’s incorrect, either on your character, the separate hitbox object (if you are using that) or of the platform.

To check this, add an event with the following :
Condition - “At beginning of scene event”
Action - Draw Collision Hitboxes and points (found under Other Actions → debugging tools, and only enable debug draw, not the other options).

And then run your game. It’ll be a bit messy


OK done…this is what I see.

Are you using platform & platform character behaviours?

Can you do it again, but turn on the option to show collisions of hidden object?

And can you provide a screen shot of your events that deal with the player positioning on the platform?


Hope this helps!..Not sure if I see anything in here on events either.

It does. That pink box is the problem. It’ll be your object named PlayerHitBox. It’s too short for your character sprite.