Enemy Action!!!!

I am going to upload the image for events. I have no Idea y it is not working… Either all enemy act at the same time or one of them just attack or none of them attack or if each enemy attacks at a different time, then they stop acting at all after one or 2 attacks. When it clearly say When the AI of theif is 2 do 1 to attack of theif

What is the point of the event #15 ? It puts the Timer to 1 when Timer < 1, why ?

in case if it’s lesser then 1

Doesn’t the timer only count up?

Also, what’s supposed to set AI to 2?


Wait, now I see what does it.

In the thing that changes the variable AI, I think you need a condition that should refer to a specific ThiefKnife. The way it is now, all ThiefKnives are affected by the variable change.

You’ll also want to do the same with your timer variable, once again, I believe all instances of that object are affected.

how to do that?
I don’t understand isn’t it the object variable?

I am uploading the file Please Help me with this!!!
Dragonman.zip (309 KB)

Guys please help!!!

Pretty much any condition that has to do with a specific object. I’ll look into your game and see what I can do.

I moved the Variable Near of Thief is =1 to make the condition for the timer event, and it seems to work fine.

I have tried that too doesn’t work in here?