Enemy damage text

hi, i still need you
I use the “health” behavior I would like to understand if I can apply the damage caused to the enemy on a text object.
I am currently editing the text manually

I never used the health behavior. Nevertheless I guess the health is store in a variable. It’s this variable that has to be displayed by the text.

Your second action currently won’t achieve what you want cause it will simply write the text as “-1.3”, it will not do any subtraction.

You text should be always displaying ToString(Variable(healthvatiablename))

But I don’t know how is called the health variable in the health behavior.

my problem is precisely being able to find the variable of that extension, if this is possible.
Otherwise I will continue to edit the text as I was already doing.
mine is more a question than a problem

Looks like the Health extension has a Health property you can use the get the object’s current health value: Health (life points) [GDevelop wiki]

However that’ll give you the remaining health, not the amount they just lost. So I think what you’re doing now is the best way.