Enemy ship does not fire

I’m making a space shooter game from Gdevelop’s tutorial, but my enemy ship doesn’t fire.

The tutorial events

My events

They are the same but my enemy ship doesn’t fire. What’s the solution?

Is Enemy2 inside the Enemies group?

Yes, enemy2 is within the group. I heard that Gdevelop did a recent update to the Timer and this space shooter tutorial is old

The a in Camera is ậ…
Is it the right spelling?

For the EnemyFire timer to be greater than 1 second, doesn’t it need to be created/reset somewhere? Otherwise, how does it get to be greater than?

I’m following this tutorial. And an old tutorial

What if he tries changing to “greater or equal to”?

Wouldn’t the timer still need to be started somewhere? I didn’t read the whole tutorial. (I’m on my phone)

Edit: do the behaviors create a timer? I’m not familiar with the fire behavior. Maybe check it’s settings. ???

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That’s true the timer needs to be started, I thought started it earlier in the code

Post all the code you have so far or post link the game file…
not sure if you got that timer going at the start?

edit: …or just make sure you start the timer at the beginning.

At the beginning of the scene

Start (or reset) timer “EnemyFire”

The timer requirements changed. In previous versions of GDevelop if you referenced a timer it would be created. Now, you now need to explicitly start a timer in order for it to exist.

When you create the instance of the enemy object, also start the timer - this is for an instance timer; for a scene timer, start it in a Beginning of scene event, as @Gorguruga wrote.