Enter Space beta

Guys, do you want to try a beta of my new game?
As of now, it’s just one mission, but I’m planning on creating more (if you want more, that is). If everything goes as planned, there will be missions flying spaceships as well as missions on the ground where you take control of the commander, fighting for the very existence of humanity.

The mission in the beta is a spaceship mission, where you take control of a ship that has been sent from planet earth as a final attempt to eliminate the invading aliens.

Feel free to check it out. I would appreciate any feedback.

You can download it from here: http://www.graphichorsegames.com/p/enter-space.html.

A few screenshots:


Nice presentation and graphics as usual. :slight_smile:
The performance seems a bit low however, on my computer I only get 15/20 fps. Maybe you could try to use the profiler to see the events that takes time to be done. As the map is very large, some conditions are surely taking a lot of time to be processed: You can try to make them faster by ensuring that you launch them on a limited number of objects.

Thank you for your feedback, 4ian.

I haven’t really worked that much on improving the performance, but I will definitively look into this. It seems to be running pretty smoothly for me, but I have seen some “hickups” here and there.

May I ask how the engine works, does it render every object in the scene, or only visible ones?

All objects are rendered, except of course those that have been set hidden.
But you can use the profiler integrated into Game Develop to see what really takes time ( Rendering or executing the events ). Just open the profiler, activate it by checking a button, then relaunch the scene preview to see a graph.

Nice presentation of the game. Feels polished and well thought.

On the improvement side:

  • You should make the player ship smaller. So it would be easier to evade enemy’s shoots, and make all threats more massive and impressive.
  • The music is ok, but doesn’t loop, and doesn’t match with the battle encounters. Maybe by adding a second background music (like a bass or drums) when foes approaching would increase the feeling of menace. And it would work as a sound radar, too!
  • Objectives should be shown at the beginning of the level, then hidden after a few seconds. So the player won’t wander aimlessly because he didn’t read the help section.
  • What the point of asteroids? They give nothing and waste shoots. They could be used to protect the player from enemy’s shoots.
  • I’m not fond of limited ammo. I think a “overheat” mechanic would work better. When the ammo bar is empty, your shoot frequency is very low. When full, you can shoot like crazy. Of course, your weapon heats up faster. So the player has to aim carefully to keep his weapon efficient.
  • I couldn’ find a way to evade ennemies. They’re as fast as my ship, and they aim too well to dodge their shoots. Something should be done in that area.