Equate scene structure with all children to global structure?

Hi, guys. I have global structure variable “coins” with several child variables in it. I have the same scene variable with the same child variables. I really need a fast way of making this scene structure’s child variables equal to the global structure’s child variables without adding every child variable separately (imagine if I have 100 child variables in the structure). Is there any obvious way that I don’t know?

It’s possible but it depends on how the child variables are named, for this to be easy they would need have a number suffix (coin1, coin2, quater1, quater2, quater3, etc.), is that the case for your data?
Does the structure look like this perhaps?


In the editor, it’s copy and paste. If you mean at runtime, you can use Json. Convert the global variable to text and convert the text to a scene variable. This overwrites it. It doesn’t merge.

Here’s an example.

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In some structures yes. In some others no.

It works great. Thank you!

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