Erro Menu jogo Da saude(Solved)

E o seguinte meu jogo e sobre quizz,E conta uma historia,Eu queria saber como corrigir o erro,vou explicar.
Quando o jogador erra a reposta do Quizz,ele voltar para o Menu,Porém quando volta buga inves de voltar para a fase 1,Fica no Menu para sempre.
vou passa a foto do codigo.

I think this is your problem that you are setting variables, which then match the conditions of the next event.

The fix would be to swap the two events around :

I fix everything,but the sound icon keeps not changing frame,What I do ,code follows below

You are setting Toque_Clique to 1 in the first action, which means the next event will never be actioned because Toque_Clique will never be 0 :

Also, you aren’t changing the values of Toque_Clique and Som :

my friend did everything you said anyway wasn’t it

I’m looking back at what you did, and realise you didn’t do it correctly. This :

is supposed to look like this (also note the action that has been removed):

Also, make sure you have 2 animations for iconesom named “off” and “on”. It is case sensitive, so those are different to “Off” and “On”.

Good night friend, I did exactly what you said before but it’s still not going, You noticed something wrong.

Because you are setting Torque_Clique to 1, the next event will never, ever get triggered. Get rid of the action setting Torque to 1.

You are setting the values of the variables to 0 & 1 that are already 0 & 1. They’re not changing. Is this correct?

And finally a suggestion. Swap iconesom’s animations around, so that when variable Som = 1, then you use animation 1 for iconesom. And when variable Som = 0, then you use animation 0 for iconesom. It makes much more sense to do it this way.

manage to correct,but cotinua the same error

No, you have not corrected it. You haven’t got the events looking like I wrote earlier.

In the screen shot below, remove the actions that I’ve marked “Delete this” :

Also, setting the values in 1 means the conditions in 2 are met, so event 2 will be actioned. You need to correct this.

If you don’t, then the actions in 1 are performed, then event 2 will be activated too.

so I need to fix how events 2 and 1 the conisa you had delete, already delete

Ok, I think there’s a much simpler way of achieving this.

Do the following, I think it will sort out your issue regarding the icon being displayed correctly. It makes one assumption, that you use variable Som = 0 for off, and Som = 1 for on. Make sure your animations match this.

Change your Som events to :

This is what it looks like :


get to fix thank you,you helped me a lot