Error Exporting Game EPIPE error?

when i try to export my game it tells me to “check internet connection or try again later. write epipe.” Does anyone know why this could be…

I can’t say what that error means, but in my experience the only times I’ve ever had trouble exporting is when

  1. using an outdated version of gdevelop
  2. file size is too large.
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i updated the version yesterday but i think that your suggestion is right the file is too large, was trying to make like a standalone dvd menu lol :slight_smile:

I think the export server is down at the moment so that may not be the issue ~ Amazon struggles

I think the file size limit is 100mb after the export is finished; depending on what type of export you choose it’ll add ~10-50mb to the uploaded project… so you might want to keep your game under 50mb if you plan on doing a cross platform game using the free online export.

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EPIPE means that the HTTP request failed
because the other end closed the connection.

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