Error Exporting Game

So Im working on a Dungeoncrawler and it refuses to export please help
Screenshot 2022-02-04 10.30.39 PM

Just wait it happened to me once and it worked the next day.

So keep in mind that the online build service is external to the engine and not actually part of it, so support is somewhat limited, however:

Ensure your project isn’t over 100mb, as that is roughly the maximum size for using the online build server.
Ensure you have a packet-loss free internet connection. Any connectivity loss will end the upload.
Ensure you can upload your project file in <120 seconds, otherwise it’ll time out.

If any of the above cannot be met, you’ll have to manually build your game on your PC and not use the online build server, which will require you to instal some other tools. Publish your game to Windows, macOS and Linux manually using Electron and Electron Builder [GDevelop wiki]

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I cancelled the Project and Started work on a new better one I have been exporting every new dungeon I make so I dont lose progress