Error trying to export

sorry if i’m a moron, but can anyone tell me what that means?

Error: Application entry file “main.js” in the “/worker/dist-7fa913ca-36c7-480b-a1bf-218e8cedf694/win-unpacked/resources/app.asar” is corrupted: Error: Failed to read data with length of 4

i got this message, then i fixed the icons and it worked (at the 5th try). that was yesterday. today it doesn’t work, no matter what i try. trying to export for windows.

As you read, this is a data corruption problem, not an error from you.

okay, i’m tired. godot looks promising…

It is promising, but not as easy to use and lightweight. If this is too complicated for you, then Godot will be worse.

as far as i know, in godot i can just export it. no external online bypass necessary. but idk… was just frustrated. gonna try it again. and i’ll try godot later.

The online build is not mandatory. You can also build locally

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couldn’t find a good tutorial to do so.

Look at the wiki. There is no YouTube tutorial or idk but on the wiki there is a step to step guide if that is what you want

it looked pretty complicated but eventually worked, thanks.