ETA for Android support?

Is there any ETA for Android support in GD?

Support for Android for HTML5 games should be included in the next version. I do not known precisely when, I hope to release it in the next few weeks.
By the way, I should be announcing the release of GD as an open source software also in the next days/weeks. More details to come, but it should help people to get involved and contribute, making development and port to mobile platforms faster :slight_smile: (I didn’t chose the license for now, but probably something that just prevent anyone from copying GD without making any change to the source code available).
Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

I’d propose dual licensing: GPL for editor, MIT for engine (latter so commercial games can be made with GD without releasing their code).

Imo, if you make any changes to the engine, especially if you add, improve any features, it must be shared. The MIT license don’t force you to do that, only let you to use it, modify it anyway you want which is good for the games made with GD and using the engine but no good for the development of the engine. The point of “open-source” would be, if anybody make any improvements, it must be shared to keep evolve the engine.

Imo, it should use custom license, that let you to use and modify GD anyway you want except you are not allowed to make your own version of it and redistribute it and declare that it is yours, and if you make any changes to the source it must be shared with 4ian and/or with the community and if you make any games it can be shared anyway you want. Also need to mention the extensions, as if anybody make any extensions to use it in a game it must be shared and if anybody make changes to any extension shipped with GD to use it in a game, it source code must be shared too.

The point is that, if anybody use GD to make and release a game in any form, ALL changes, improvements made to any part of GD to make the game, must be shared otherwise “open-source” have no benefit to GD.

I prefer extensions having any license extension’s creator will like. So there will be way for coders to make money off making extensions.

The code of the IDE will surely be GPL to force any improvement to be shared with the community.
Core library, C++ platform (native game engine) and JS Platform (html5 game engine) will be LGPL (as JS platform currently is) so that it will allow to compile games that are using them without making these games open source (using GPL would force anyone compiling a game with GD to release the game as GPL). And it forces any code improvement to be also shared with the community.
“Official” extensions should remain zlib/libpng license: basically you can do anything as long as you do not state you are the author of the original code. Of course, any third party extension will be able to use any license its author wish. :slight_smile:

This is all sounding pretty cool! :smiley: