Evaluating games develop..

HI folks,

I am evaluating games dvelopment tools for some planned projects and a have a few questions that don’t appear to be directly answered from what I ahve read.

1: Is it possible to allow the user to choose from a range of sprites and backgrounds\themes they would like to play a game using?
2: Depending on teh theme selectio is it possible to limit the sprites ability to move outside of a track path (e.g. Road for racing on) whereas if they chose a space theme the sprite character is free to move anywahere on screen? IN other words the selection of theme determines the freedom of movement the sprite has in the game level.
3: Also depending on theme to treasures that the sprite would gather would need to change in shape\colour and perhaps animation characteristics based on the theme chosen.

Is this a tall order for game develop. And if so, any recommendations how or with what it can be achieved. As you can see we need a very customisable set of inputs that change the game view but not its outcome!!



Hi, I’ll try to help you (excuse my English) :slight_smile:

First: good news! I think you could do all that you ask :wink:

Second: bad news! I have to tell you that there isn’t a button to make a character’s sprite selection, you have to know how Game Develop works and some others concepts as well :confused:

But we can help you, you have the forum, there are tutorials and the wiki (http://www.wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php)

Note: Make a character’s sprite selection is very easy, you need a Scene (the “world”) and an Object (the “sprite”), when you select (for example with the mouse) a sprite, you could save the sprite’s animation number in a variable, then you can set the character’s sprite with the variable in the same Scene or any other Scene, here is an example:
SpriteSelection.zip (5.64 KB)

About space, road, etc., you are talking about Scenes, in each Scene you will have to add events and objects to work (for example the Space Scene would be a Scene with a starmap background, where the object suffer no friction)

Hey - thanks for that. Good to know ahead of knuckling down on the tutorials.