event create variable

input for create variable, can be used with this code


for create automatic multiple variables, it’s very userfull for list,
if i give limit to array array<20 set array+=1
in istance i create 20 variables for a list…
list1, list2, list3… list20

I don’t like this kind of dynamic feature :
-It is hard for me to maintain.
-It makes games less efficient ( For example, variables localization in memory cannot be put directly in the code but must instead be computed each time it is needed. )
-It could make events confusing and harder to maintain. ( It is as if you could write myVariable+i = 32; in C++ or in any common programming language ).

No really, it is a bad solution to a real problem.
A good solution would be for Game Develop to support some kind of arrays/list or maps. For now, you can use this extension: gdextensions.levasseursoftware.n … ex&lang=en )

oh no array widget is good, but why only fo windows? anyway thanks

Maybe the extension can be provided with Game Develop. I can distribute the source code under zlib if you want.

yes, but for linux :smiley: