event groups.

If we could make groups of events, that would be great. For example, we could add events related to the same thing in to one group and also open the group if we want to see it content and close it if we don’t. It makes complex, long events a lot more tidy and transparent. I have attached a screenshot of how it looks like in Construct 2. I think it is a very nice feature to keep everything organised.

Hey, look that! Construct 2 (?) supports object’s ID, supports objects as variables too? hahaha I’m kidding, anyway I choose GD :neutral_face:

About events groups, you could add an empty event and add every event in your “group” as sub-events (you could add a coment over that empty event to write something about it: the group name, etc.), then you can pack the events under the empty event. I don’t know how it can affect the game performance, because the GD code maybe read empty events as “If none do none ==> read sub-events” many times.

Hi Lizard. I use both because a can’t choose, both tools has it pros and cons :unamused:
Yeah the groups would work very similar to sub-events, but to use sub-events as groups, that is would be a bit constrained :smiling_imp:
But yeah, as the basics of groups is already exist in GD as sub-events (and comments) I hope not a problem, to add group feature to GD because I find it extremely useful in CS2 :slight_smile: