Events and behaviours stop working for literally no reason

I’ve encounter a very problematic bug in GDevelop.

Sometimes when I boot up GDevelop, some of the events literally stop working for no reason. And yes I saved. It’s also happened suddenly while I’m in the middle of making a game for literally no reason. I just encountered one where after I was previewing a game, the health behavior suddenly stopped working. It’s getting EXTREMELY irritating. This is a VERY serious bug in the software and it needs to be patched ASAP.

I mentioned this on the discord, but I tried for 30 minutes to reproduce this with a example where I added different behaviors to every object on the scene. I unfortunately cannot reproduce this.

If the contributors can’t identify this either, your next steps would be to open up the Developer Tools console while it’s occurring (CTRL+SHIFT+I or the View menu > Toggle Developer Tools) and post a screenshot here of any errors.