Events are overlapping/messy visual issues, until I click on something

Hello. I’ve noticed this issue intermittently over a period of several weeks: as I work on my game and go between different event sheets, they all look like the below until I click on any event and the layout then corrects itself.

I can’t identify any particular behaviour on my part that brings about this issue. For example, I loaded up my game this morning and the issue was there right away, but I worked on my game 4 days ago and didn’t have this issue. In other words: it’s not a behaviour I can replicate on demand. Thanks.

This has happened to me too and I can roughly recall it was after the 3D update.
Sometimes it happens where events are crunched together and it resorts itself after I touch it.
Other times, although not frequently, it is fine.

What I want to say, you are not alone with these weird visual event issues.
Would it be best to place this in bug reports?

Nice to know it’s not just me :slight_smile: I think it might have happened to me before the 3D update, but my memory is fuzzy so I can’t be sure. I haven’t done a bug report before, but perhaps I should learn.

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It’ been posted as a bug a wee while back. Not sure if it got any traction.

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