Events choose wrong object instance

Please check out the project files at the bottom of this.

I am trying to get the enemies to shoot laser cannons and for them to play sounds in a radius using a community-made extension.

I have 2 enemies in an external layout, and what should happen is that if you’re close enough to either, it shoots a laser cannon towards you. A droning sound should play around the enemies and fade out based on distance.

What happens instead is that if you are close to the first enemy, it shoots a cannon towards you. But if you are closer to another enemy, the first one that spawns in shoots the cannon instead. The droning sounds also both come out of the first one that spawns. I have more almost identical logic like this and it works fine, so why isn’t it working here?

Project files:

WARNING: Do not preview the game through the external layout! Do it through the scene. It causes the sound to bug out more and it’s incredibly loud!

Managed to fix the laser problem. Turns out I was using the wrong object in the events. Still confused about the sound though.