Events editor: random color, referring to sprite's copies

I would like these features added:

  • selecting “Random color” for the object instead typing this: ToString(Random(255))+";"+ToString(Random(255))+";"+ToString(Random(255))

  • After selecting of any color for an object show in the field the small picture of this color, not only R,G,B values.
    /- After making several copies of the sprite by mouse be able to refer to each of them during adding conditions/actions in the event editor./REMOVED - already exist, by a position of sprites

  • /Be able to collide with tiled sprites./ REMOVED - allready exists

  • /Action “Pause for X sec” or “Wait for X sec” as alternative to using timer./REMOVED

It’s already working like this, the objects the actions will work on are selected by the conditions. For example, when you add the condition “The X Position of MyObj is < 400px”, the actions will happen on the object which have X position < 400px.

This will probably lead to a lot of unintended stuff happening in programs, as you would have to remember to make sure the conditions that lead to that event are not met again and you are wanting to do that without doing a timer reset. i.e. You want to make something similar into something very unintuitive and difficult to deal with.

If I remember correctly you can test [sprite vs tiled-sprite] and [tiled-sprite vs tiled-sprite] collision (Conditions ==> All objects ==> Collision) . This collision detector uses the collision masks (not pixel-perfect), allowing to check collision between tiled-sprites objects.

OK, it works, thanks!

Tried it, it works. Thanks!

With Random colors I just want to select “Random” instead of typing this expression:ToString(Random(255))+";"+ToString(Random(255))+";"+ToString(Random(255))

About using a timer instead of “Pause/Wait” I think you’re right because there are so much conditions are checked at the same time when a program is running.

I’m afraid you’ll have to stick with this expression as the way you want to use isn’t possible here now. Perhaps turn it into feature request?