Ever since updating to 5.3.180, the editor seems to have these weird, long periods of time, where nothing works properly

The editor seems to have these occasional long periods of time where it’s kind of frozen, but also not really frozen. The best way I can describe it is a weird “limbo” state, and I’m in the limbo state more often than I’m not.
I can still do things, but I cannot save, no object icons load, and dropdown menus don’t load until the period is over. Moving objects around in the object list of a scene also doesn’t really move them until the period is over.
Also, outside of these limbo states, the preview updates pretty fast, but during them, the preview takes ages to update, sometimes multiple minutes.

I just updated GDevelop to 5.3.180, and only just now this odd stuff starts happening. I’m trying to be patient with the editor, but not being able to interact with most things for multiple minutes is messing with my workflow, and after it happens, like, 10 times, I kind of lose motivation to work on anything.

Hi @zbotgaming2006

I think your issue might be the same as mine. Try disabling the caching feature, restarting GDev and see if that helps.

Full info at: Project Saving - Quite Slow & Freezing the UI - #3 by Eiklahc

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Oh wow! It was the same problem, that makes a lot of sense. I think that did fix the issue, thank you!

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