Every hundred :Variable:

Hello, I’ve been wondering, is it possible to make it like, every hundred ( like everytime the value is 100, 200, 300), in the variable score?

thanks for reading.

Had same problem every 10 level… Divide by 100 and if the rest is one or a integer (whole) number or last two numbers are zero… make an action. Try it!

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perhaps not the beautiest solution, but you should do 2 score variables instead of 1. one for the real score and one for this congrat. just for the example call them score_player and score_congrat. the idea is: when the player earn points add this number to both score variables. display only the score_player variable, and doesn’t do anything else with it. let the score_congrat do the math. wich is very simple thus:

and add your other actions which must happen every 100 points below this action in this event.

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Thank you both so much for the help, I really appreciate your cooperation :smiley:, I will try it later on, and ill marked solved if it works. Once again, much thank you :grinning: