Example: Advanced circle movement

i made a circle movement example, its more flexible than the build in GD one.
You can set core variables; startAngle, radiusX, radiusY, speedX, speedY.

Its also possible to limit the movement between specific angles (startAngle - endAngle) and reverse it on end to get a bounce effect.

Just play around with different variable combination and you will see it can be used for lot of nice effects.

And if a moderator here could also put it into the GD examples would be amazing :blush: THX.

Looking great, good job :slight_smile:
I think it would be very useful as an extension, it would be ready-to-use for everyone, much more convenient than an example.
Would you like to try to convert it?
It starts with selecting everything, right-clicking and choosing Extract events. Then you need to define the parameters and apply them in the events.

Im new, never made an extension before but i will try it :wink:

I made a behaviour extension now, with few examples for different movements.

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Thanks for submitting this! We love when people contribute new ideas and code. :slight_smile:

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