Execute actions from all objects of the same type

i am making a game and i need to spawn things(other objects) at the position of another object…the problem is i have way more than 30 of that one object in my scene so as i know i would have to put in that one command over and over again…but how can i execute some actions as many objects of the same type? pls help me ^^

If you are using same action for many objects…first of all you have to group all that object together then you can apply same action to that group…:blush: if you still face any problem feell free to ask

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i mean i have many objects of the same type in the scene but its basicly the same object…maybe i didnt understand ypou right how does that group thing work?

For several instances of an object, you need to use the for each event.

Oh! for that go to the event sheet and press the + icon on top right corner and use for each instance event…then select your (30 objects) object

OMG thanks!!! <3 <3 <3