Exponents operators

Although I’m aware of the existence of pow(x,y), I personally believe that simply adding an operation using the symbol “^” would be better. For one it’s easier to find for newer users than pow(x,y) and faster to type out.

If possible I would also love if the “^” symbol was replaced with a " ² " when outside the condition editor.

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 1.31.23 PM

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it could do this inside aswell. It’s just more readable.

I definitely think there is value in allowing more advanced operators.

That said, I don’t see there ever being an automatic character replacement on expressions just because it’d require a rework on how all event/expression lines work today.

This is not me saying “this isn’t possible”, just chiming in to clarify that portion becomes potentially much more difficult.

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the ratio using a function and a new operator is a lot of work to just get something easier to type, but the expression editor on the blue button is here to help you, to search, find, and type functions.