Export/Compiling - online vs local


i’m asking me:
If i use the export function in local installed gdevelop 5
A) for web (upload online)
-What will be saved online?
B) android and ios auto (in feature!) vs manual
-Will it be uploaded online to compile it and if so what will be saved on the server?

If i use gdevelop online version
-What will be saved on the server?

Whatever you do, your project files never get exported online. When doing an export with the build service, it does a local export, and uploads the local export to the build server. The server packages your game like asked, uploads the result to the s3 (the downloads server) and deleted the temporary files and export that were used. The events are sent precompiled on the server and the packaged game stays there only a few days for you to download it.
The web export just uploads the local web export to the s3 directly.

The local export are not completely packaged as they require specific external tools. You can do it yourself if you have all tools setted up and know how to use them, the online build services are only here for convenience. The data usually gets deleted after a few days/weeks.