Export problem with multiple scenes

Hi. I’m trying to export my game with one click in apk type. The problem is: when i play it on the phone, only a few scenes are exported and this is why also some buttons and features don’t work (like next level or quit) and i can’t figure out the problem. Everything seemed to be working perfectly fine on windows version.

What could be wrong?

Most likely, everything is exported but you haven’t set up your buttons correctly for touch screens.

i’ve tried to make it both suitable for windows and android

Looks okay, unless they are sub-events.
And the quit button does not work?
Are you using an old Android? Below Android 5, not everything works, I think.

No, the quit button doesn’t work and the android version is not a problem.
The Game enters to the first page (press start) → instructions page (press play) → level 1. and this is all that works. end of level or game over pages won’t work, even though i’m sure everything is correct.