Export quality for multiple devices

Hello, I am wondering how powerful GDevelop’s exporting is, compared to Unity, Godot, etc. So, can GDevelop export to Android, HTML, Windows, Mac and Linux as powerfully as other engines, or is there any quality limitation with exporting?

I’m not sure what “powerful exporting” means.
If you mean resolution size, there is no limit, I believe. There’s a megabyte size limit on the GDevelop online servers, but you can build offline as much as you want. But projects too heavy or too big (in pixel size) may not run properly on some devices.

“quality” doesn’t exist as a concept in regards to exporting a game on any engine, so we would need more context to understand what you are asking about.

“powerfully” similarly doesn’t exist as a concept for exporting.

Keep in mind the online build service is not part of the engine itself and is an external convenience feature. The only limit there that I know of is a project file size maximum of 100-250mb for that online build.

As Greench mentioned, exporting from the engine itself has no filesize limitations, and you can export to Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. There is no “power” limitations beyond what optimization you complete of your event logic and assets.

It is a 2D engine, so while some community members have developed their own methods of implementing some form of 3D using a ton of math or code, that is fully unsupported from an engine optimization standpoint, and will never be as optimized as an engine that uses a native 3D renderer like Unity. I can’t speak to Godot current state as 3D was completely redone in Godot4 and performance was dramatically reduced on lower end machines. Full 2D should be mostly comparable between any of them.

Thank you for your clarification.

Also, I asked this to find out if exporting a 2D game would make difference in these engines. And you answered my question. Thank you for that.

Fantastic! Just wanted to understand more about what you were trying to identify.

Overall, a lot of the games performance is giing to come down to planning and optimization, but you should be able to do any fully 2D game you want.