Exported game (web) not working on Apple?

As the title says, my project runs on PC (on Chrome, Firefox and Opera), but I sent it to someone (all packaged in the folder) with an Apple computer and they said index.html just opens a blank screen. How could I fix this? Thanks.

What if you upload the game somewhere?
You can upload your game to itch.io and keep it private so random people can not find it (yet) but you can send a link to your friend so he/she can test it in a more optimal environment for a HTML5 game.

In case it doesn’t work on the Mac but it does work on Windows/Linux, I’m not sure what could be the problem.
“blank page” sounds to me the browser does not support HTML5 or may blocking something for security reasons or maybe just not compatible?
Check what the developer console saying it should give you (and us) some clue.