Exporting Game to Steam, Won't Accept My Game

Steam keeps saying the file won’t open in the steam client. Is that because of something I am unaware of? It opens on my computer, and asks if I want to run it anyways. Is there a way to get rid of that part so it trusts my game? Or is there another reason Steam keeps telling me it won’t run.

Please any help from people that have successfully exported to Steam.



Failure: Your build has failed our review because it doesn’t launch on Windows using the Steam client, and a “missing executable” error message appears.

I think I had the Filename wrong for the executable. I re-submitted with matching names. If it works I will have successfully migrated my Rhythm game, Rhythm Retro, to Steam as well, now with Gamepad, Keyboard and Touch Screen support. It’s the first ever RPG rhythm game, thanks to Gdevelop.

https://www.soulzilla.ca, I will let you know if they accept the Demo. My premium release is on Dec.10th on Steam.

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