Exporting information from leaderboards

Is it possible to export the data from the GD games hosted leaderboards or even copy and paste them?

I asked this question before on the GDevelop discord

they said " the part after /game/ and before /leaderboard/ is the ID of your game scoreboard." along with the image below

hope that helps :parrot:

Hey thanks that’s actually cool to know will test it out with some other stuff I’m making.

But was more looking for a way to get the scoreboard exported to say a Google sheet.

I guess I could try write a script to use that get request or something don’t have much experience in that but could give it a go

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Hey sorry to ping this again after so long but where do you get the game id and the part after leaderboard in the URL what is that made up of?

from what i know you can get the “leaderboard id” by clicking this button here
and about the scoreboard id im gonna try out some things to make it work when i get home