Exporting issues

When I export, whether its to an install exe or html5 zip for itch.io, there are issues.

My game runs perfectly fine in the preview, but when it comes to trying to play the exported game on itch or the uploaded web version through gdevelop, the game doesn’t load correctly. Most of the images on screen won’t load including my character. they do in the preview though.

And when it comes to the auto-installing the exe, it never gets past about 40% for installing. Never finishes. I don’t know if its just my computer or not, but it has done this for a while.

Any help is appreciated being I have somewhat of a tight schedule for getting an online demo working.

Thanks ahead of time

Inside your browser (and the preview), try pressing ctrl+shift+i to look for errors in the console.

in the preview there are no errors, just one warning. and in itch, theres 3 errors, 7 warnings.

Take a look on this page, specially at the end.

I have already removed the unused images. and my zip that i put on itch is only a 400kb

it says something about a rendering problem when i inspect. it says a width or height of something is 0 but when i preview everything works fine

Make a screenshot of the console, or we can’t help.

This help?

Do you use lighting on the objects that don’t show?
Did you try another browser?

Can you give the link of this game on itch? it will be easier for debugging.

that’s the link to the project. it’s not downloadable being its just in the browser. if you need a downloadable project zip i can do that

This seem an issue with the tilling sprite, this happend when the canvas renderer is used instead of webGL 1 or 2.

@ThrownBagelGames can you purge your project, just keep the tilling sprite object, and send it here please. Keep your event about tilling object if you use it.

@4ian this seem related to the most commun error
Note: When the hardware acceleration is turned off, the renderer used is canvas, great for debugging.

Ah nice catch, if we can get the project that is creating this error, that could help understand and solve it! :+1::+1:

So remove everything that doesn’t relate to tiled sprites?
also, you said this is common, does that mean enough is known to answer my next question. what does it mean for my current project? Should i continue or remake everything in a new project? Do i need to change how i make it?

Is there a way to force web gl 1 or 2?

no you can’t, this is related to the hardware, specially on your graphic card.
There is a condition to add in your eventsheet for check if webgl is active.