Exporting to Android with Intel XDK

Hi! I started a few weeks ago with GDevelop. I found easy to handle but had a problem exporting my work to Android using Intel XDK. I did all the tutorial’s steps and generated the APK but when I wanted to install it on my cellphone shows this error: “Parse error. There was a problem parsing the package.”
Test and emulation are OK, I used “Optimized with Crosswalk”, Cordova 5.4.1, Cordova Android Whitelist and is unsigned. My phone is an Xperia Z3 with Android 6.0.1-Build 23.5.A.0.575 and I can install external apps. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installed in my pc.

What am I doing wrong?

I had the same thing happen.
I made sure my Intel XDK was updated to the newest version.
I also disabled any “Unneeded” plugins, and compiled it again, and it worked.

Another time it happened I just recompiled the app and it worked fine without any changes :confused:

I’m not using any plugins besides the default ones. I still have not idea what am I doing wrong :frowning:

I have not touched Intel XDK for a long time so I don’t know for sure what would be the problem, but I have some idea that might help:

Have you tried to export it again? The package or manifest file might be just corrupted. It sometime happens.
Have you enabled “install apps from unknown sources”?
The android version running on your device is supported by the apk?
I can’t remember if IntelXDK is exporting different apk and what apk’s if it is.
You may get an apk for Intel and another one for ARM architecture, only the one supporting the CPU of your device going to work.
You may get an apk for testing and another one for publishing in store, you can install only the one that is for testing, the other one must be published in a store and can be installed only from store.
The package name in the app settings must be in the form of com.company_name.app_name This is not optional, this is the way it need to be and avoid using numbers, dots and special characters other than the ones you can see in the format. For example try something like: com.nadis.flappy_bird