[Extension][5.0.61] Arrays Extension


The arrays extension provides a new kind of variables : arrays. An array allow you to store a large amount of elements (values or texts) inside a single data structure. Then, you can access these elements with an unique index (like a list where every element is numbered).

Arrays can have multiple dimensions. In that case, the element is located using as many indexes as dimensions. For example, an element in a 3D (three dimensions) array can be accessed with 3 indexes, respectively X, Y and Z (for each dimension, also called axes).

So, you can store a large amount of data inside an array without having hundreds variables.

Version 5.0.61 is available(14/08/2013).
The extension is available for download at : http://gdextensions.levasseursoftware.net/?page=array&lang=en
(the third version number represents GD’s third version number)

This version contains :

  • 3D Arrays (can be used as 1D Array or 2D indeed)
  • An event designed to iterate through these arrays

The documentation is available at : http://gdextensions.levasseursoftware.net/pages/array/doc/en/Arrays%20Extension.html

If you have any questions or if you found a bug, feel free to post it on this topic. :smiley:

Is this linux-compatible yet?

The next version (with new feature on 3D Arrays and Dictonaries (associative arrays)) will be compiled on Linux too. :wink: